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Re-integration of Learning, Life and Community

Under the current mainstream education system most learning, living and sense of community is fragmented. This defeats learning, fractures social cohesion and erodes the quality of our lives. The education system is structured around the needs of institutions and not learners or communities. It fails to understand the brain, human development and learning. These issues must be addressed and learning, life and community re integrated.

Re-integration of learning, life and community ... is one of our core principles. Our learning systems must recognise that life does not necessarily require living to a pre-determined linear pattern. Addressing this issue will better adapt to the potential of the twenty first century living, returning responsibility, flexibility and quality to our lives, families and communities.

Key Rationale:

  1. Lives, education & learning have been scripted into a poor ‘shorthand’ called schooling
  2. Institutions are organised around outdated notions of childcare, linear patterns of life, work and careers.
  3. Family and generational cohesion are threatened by age-stage and institutional silos thinking.
  4. More and more people are looking for more creative and flexible non linear patterns of living. Provision for learning needs to respond.
  5. There is limited recognition / use of the massive community learning resource. We miss the opportunity to develop family & societal educational / learning capital
  6. Learning & social cohesion could be developed more through action and community based issues work.
  7. Schooling organisation exacerbates travel and congestion peaks, skews shopping, leisure & holiday patterns.
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