Current Activities and Initiatives

9. Other Current Activities and Initiatives

Common Thread Gathering - Focus on Fundraising

Peter Humphreys met with other charitable organisations and the Potential Trust and The Comino Foundation in 2004 to discuss long term relationships with funding groups and trusts. "It was suggested that a number of educational organisations should meet together with representatives of funding organisations (eg Esmee Fairbairn, Gulbenkian and others) to discuss the long-term future of where learning and education need to go, with a view to determining the general direction of funding, rather than viewing funding merely on a project by project basis. A two day meeting has now been set up for October, Peter will attend again on behalf of Personalised Education Now.

Common Thread Gathering - Focus on Fundraising Sir Christopher Ball.

Another two day Common Thread Group meeting took place in October 2005 focussing on fund-raising with Sir Christopher Ball. Peter Humphreys attended on behalf of Personalised Education Now.

Potential Trust Funding Bid

Subsequently Personalised Education Now have been asked to prepare ideas for a bid of up to 10,000 for the Potential Trust. PEN trustees are working on a project to get a stand at a future UK Education Show National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK.

Policy Statement on Assessment

Following the Toddington Conference 2005 on assessment Trustees / Directors are working on a policy statement on assessment which will hopefully be completed during the Sedburgh Working Weekend 9/10 September. A development from the completed policy could be to attach case examples throughout.

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