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2. Supporting practitioners, individuals, groups and organizations developing the personalised agendas

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Educational Heretics Press has continued its prolific publications output. Four new books have appeared over the last 12 months including the new editions of Finding Voices, Making Choices… Creativity for Social Change. Edited by Mark Webster and Glen Buglass, Informal Education by Tony Jeffs and Mark Smith. Roland Meighan has lifted the horizon again with his new classic Comparing Learning Systems and Mike Fortune-Wood’s the Face of Home-based Education…who, why and how, is the first published outcome of our research work.

Educational Heretics Press Latest Book Titles:
Informal Education – conversation, democracy and learning by Tony Jeffs and Mark Smith. ISBN 1-900219-29-8
Informal education has in recent years, attracted a lot of interest amongst educationalists, health and welfare professionals and others. Why is this? Also what is it, who does it and how can it be developed? The book seeks to answer these questions and provide an introduction to informal education. At Personalised Education Now we are convinced there is much for us all to learn from here whatever the learning settings. Tony Jeffs teaches in the Department of Applied Social Studies at the University of Durham and Mark Smith is a Rank research Fellow and Tutor at the YMCA George Williams College, London.

Comparing Learning Systems: the good, the bad, the ugly and the counter-productive, by Roland Meighan. ISBN 1-900219-28-X Which learning system is best? The answer depends on your purpose. The current learning systems in use in UK, schools and universities alike, draw most of their inspiration from totalitarian-style thinking on education, with the emphasis on mass schooling heavy with coercion and domination. The book ends with a consideration of the principles of a learning system fit for a democracy. Dr Roland Meighan now works as a writer and publisher. Previously he was a Senior Lecturer in Education at the University of Birmingham and then Special Professor of Education at the University of Nottingham.

Developing a DVD on Personalised Learning:
The Trustees are at present engaged in applying for funding to produce a DVD on this theme in order to present the principles and values of personalised learning with tangible examples, in another accessible media. A range of affiliated and supporting groups and organisations have agreed to be part of the DVD if funding is secured. Our grateful thanks go to trustee Alan Clawley for his work here.

Personalised Education: A Framework for Evaluation
Trustees are developing a multi purpose evaluation framework based on our Principles of Personalisation.

Help and Advice
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Personalised Learning Practitioner Development Scheme
Following the discussion at the Burleigh Community College Learning Exchange in April 2005 the Trustees have gone ahead with the scheme and details appear on this website Personalised Practitioner Scheme. Feedback from members is welcomed.

HEFES 2006 – Home- Based Educators Summer Camp and Festival, Colchester UK
Both Roland Meighan and Peter Humphreys will be speaking at this year’s event.


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