Resources, Research & Links

Articles, Papers & Presentations

This section includes resources from a range of sources and authors and includes the archives of Education Now, Personalised Education Now and some other groups.

Roland Meighan 26 Pages of articles from his column in Natural Parent magazine

Mike and Jan Fortune Wood Articles mainly from Mike and Jan about Home Based Education and Autonomous Learning plus a few others

Absolutism and the eighteenth-century origins of compulsory schooling in Prussia and Austria. Schoolhouse Interesting article located by Schoolhouse:Selected extracts presented by Ostap Melnick

John Abbott – 21st Century Learning Initiative. John has a site packed with resources… articles, presentations, links to books that will stimulate and challenge

Professor Stephen Heppell If you want to push your ideas about ICT, learning and learning systems you can do no better than keeping up to date with Stephen Heppell’s thinking.

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