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This section includes information and links to research undertaken by The Centre for Personalised Education Trust (CPE) / Personalised Education Now (PEN)

Home Education Research Initiative - Summary

At The Centre for Personalised Education Trust (CPE) / Personalised Education Now (PEN) we believe we have to learn from successful education wherever it currently lies. This is particularly so where the underpinning values and principles can align with ours and appear to produce active, effective, well educated citizens who form strong families and communities.
Home based education is such as case. It is not a solution for everyone but at The Centre for Personalised Education Trust (CPE) / Personalised Education Now (PEN) we feel that research into this area will illuminate the various realities and allow us to continue the process of identifying what elements make it successful and what learning can be shared by others in the learning landscape.

Researching into home education in Britain and Europe:

  • nature and impact upon mainstream education
  • support strategies and community resources
  • understandings of success, welfare and socialisation
  • influences for and against and benefits to society

The research focusses on the home education community's own perceptions of education and support and aims to widen the accessibility of home education.
The research will inform home educators, those considering home education and policy makers about the realities of home education in the UK today.

Trustee with portfolio for research initiative:

Professor Roland Meighan D.Soc.Sc., Ph.D., B.Sc.(Soc), LCP., Cert. Ed. FRSA

Research consultants:

Mike Fortune - Wood B.A.

Jan Fortune-Wood M.A. Ph.D. Cert.Ed

The first part of the research has been undertaken with the support of a £10k Grant from the The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and the findings written into a book…

The Face of Home-based Education: Who, Why and How by Mike Fortune-Wood, is the first in a series of publications stemming from the research commissioned by the Centre for Personalised Education Trust.  It is published by Educational Heretics Press ( on behalf of CPE, the ISBN is 1-900219-30-1, and the price is £10.

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