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PEN has produced ‘How Others See Us’ looking at how schooling might be viewed from an alien’s point of view. Although this is our first move into this kind of media it has been very well received. The animation powerfully challenges the current schooling model. You can view it here How Others See Us

The idea is to get this viewed by as many people as possible. Please help us by circulating the link widely.


Monday 25th June 2007

Personalised learning has the potential to transform our systems of learning. It challenges the shallow version of learning promoted within the present education system and proposes a new approach where learners themselves make both rational and intuitive choices about their learning. ‘Taking choice seriously’ is the key driver in this task. The prize is a cohesive, sustainable and productive society with active and democratically competent citizens.

The joint one-day open conference at Staffordshire University, Stoke-On-Trent explored choice in a personalised learning system. It was a very well supported and successful event. The main conference report written by Philip Toogood is available here and in the PEN Journal 7 Autumn-Winter 2007/8. PEN_Conference_Report_June 2007(PDF)

Another outcome of the conference is a book published by Educational Heretics Press: Personalised Learning: Taking Choice Seriously edited by Mark Webster

Contributors include

- Leslie Barson from 'The Otherwise Club, a home-based education invitational learning community',

- Professor Ian Cunningham from the Centre for Self-Managed Learning,

- Terri Dowty, from Action on Rights for Children,

- Peter Humphreys from the Centre for Personalised Education Trust,

- Tony Jeffs of Durham University,

- Dr. Roland Meighan, former Special Professor of Education at Nottingham University, a specialist on learning systems,

- Dr Tim Rudd from Futurelab,

- Mark Webster, from Staffordshire University’s Creative Communities Unit,

- Alan Wilkins consultant on Co-operative Learning, and Jackie Rose with members of The Bridge International Youth Project.

ISBN 978-1-900219-36-5 Price £12-50 Available in April 2008


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