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Membership of Personalised Education Now

Personalised Education Now welcomes members, both individuals and groups, who support and promote its vision. Its membership includes educators in learning centres, home educating settings, schools, colleges and universities. Members range across interested individuals and families, teachers, Head Teachers, advisers, inspectors and academics. Personalised Education Now has extensive national and international links. Above all the issues of personalised education and learning are issues with relevance to every man, woman and child because they lie at the heart of what kind of society we wish to live in.

Membership Includes:

  • 2 PEN Journals a year
  • 2 PEN Newsletters a year
  • Annual Learning Exchange
  • Annual Residential Conference
  • The support of a diverse network of learners and educators in the field of Personalised Education

Your membership supports:

  • Ongoing research and publications
  • Development of the PEN website

The Membership Subscription Is £25 Per Year
Please Print Off The Membership Form and Return

What Else Can You Do?

Don’t let the ideas here and in our extensive resources lie just with you. This is a message for everyone. Enter a dialogue with as many people as you can engage them in the issues. Encourage others to join Personalised Education Now. We find kindred spirits in all sorts of surprising places and those who just need a little more convincing.

Often people partly understand but cannot conceptualise solutions. This is not an issue of blame… We need to engage the present system not alienate it. Some have never thought at all and need deep engagement. One of our roles is to explain and show how it is and could be different.

Within a developing personalised educational landscape solutions will evolve according to localised possibilities… including ways of learning that we have not yet imagined. It’s all too easy to take the moral high ground and believe we have all the answers because patently the enterprise is challenging and far from easy. But even now we can share the rich history and current practice of learning in all sorts on institutions and home based situations and we can assist in the ‘Futures’ thinking that can envision and give rise to its evolution. Together, the debate can be aired throughout grass roots and the current learning system, the general public, media, and politicians and decision makers. The one certainty is although the road is not easy it is more solidly founded than the one we have at present.

Circulate our Personalised Education Now leaflet (copies from the general office) promote this website and bring the strength of Personalised Education Now to succour to those currently engaged in personalised education, and vision to those who are not.

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