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Children's Rights, Learner Voice, Democracy

  • Action On Rights For Children – In Education… ARCH is a large and growing network of people committed to the UN Convention on the rights of the Child. It supports the rights of children to have their views on educational issues which affect them considered within the family, within schools and at national level in future planning and decision-making
  • The Childrens Research Centre The CRC is all about children by children. Our primary objective is to empower children and young people as active researchers. The CRC recognises that children are experts on their own lives. We value the child's perspective and believe in promoting child voice by supporting children to carry out research on topics that are important to them. The CRC is based at the Open University in Milton Keynes. We offer diverse groups of children and young people a taught programme on all aspects of the research process followed by one-to-one support to design and carry out a research project. We also help them to disseminate their research findings, support a variety of outreach programmes.

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