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  • Brainware This non-commercial website provides a novel way of accessing information about study techniques, holistic learning, the brain, creativity, personal development and many related topics. Referred to Brainware its chief purpose is to help students of all ages to make their learning more effective and much more enjoyable. To enable you to find out about Brainware a BrainWareMap has been created - an integrated set of user-friendly clickable coloured maps closely based on the design principles of the famous London Underground Map.
  • SEAL The Society for Effective and Affective Learning SEAL exists to encourage networking between individuals, teachers, and trainers interested in exploring the dynamics of learning and the continual search for more effective approaches. It focuses particularly on promoting learning strategies that recognise the importance of affective as well as cognitive approaches, right as well as left hemisphere attributes, which value people as individuals, and acknowledge various kinds of intelligence.
  • Scientific Learning Corporporation Brain Buzz
  • The Accelerated Learning Centre
  • ANTIDOTE Antidote was set up in 1997 to work for the vision of an emotionally literate society where the facility to handle the complexities of emotional life is as widespread as the capacity to read, write and do arithmetic.
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