Personalised Practitioner Scheme

Personalised Learning Practitioner Development scheme (PLPD)

The scheme exists to facilitate local groups, or even pairs, to devise their development programme, initially for a year with as many meetings as thought appropriate by a particular group. We propose to follow the NotSchoolNet approach and call all members of such schemes, researchers. If such groups want a Personalised Education Now approved co-tutor attached temporarily or permanently, this can be arranged.

The people who might want such a development scheme may be:

  • parents who are or want to become home-based educators
  • home-based educators who want to develop learning clubs and co-operatives for groups of families
  • parents using schools who want to develop damage-limitation programmes for their children
  • those interested in developing community learning centers
  • those interested in developing democratic schools and classrooms


If any individuals wanted some form of accreditation, this could be provided as a Personalised Education Now certificate of capability and experience. But we expect that many people would simply want the development experience without this, getting just a letter of completion with an account of the programme devised and followed, if they wanted it.


All researchers would have to pay their own costs, (unless we can get some grant support).When a bank of recognised co-researchers is established, they would be entitled to charge fees for their services, if they so wished. Eventually, any accreditation scheme would be costed to pay the costs, and perhaps even bring in some income to Personalised Education Now

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