Educational Heretics Press

The one and only and our very own! With a pedigree of nearly 20 years and over 87 books (and increasing). Where is the challenge to the status quo without Educational Heretics Press?

We are a small press that exists to question the dogmas and superstitions of mass, coercive schooling, with its roots in totalitarian thinking, with a view to developing the next modern, humane, flexible, personalised effective public learning system one fit for a progressive democracy.

Educational Heretics Press is a not-for-personal gain, research, writing and publishing company and any profits are donated to Personalised Education Now.

Latest Educational Heretics Press Catalogue available here Educational Heretics Press Catalogue-Latest(PDF)

Our team of radical educational writers includes:

Glen Buglass, Clive Harber, Tony Jeffs, Clive Erricker, Jan Fortune-Wood, Roland Meighan, Bryn Purdy, Mark Smith, Ann Sherman, Chris Shute, John Siraj-Blatchford, Anthony Swift, Bernard Trafford, Julie Webb, Mark Webster and James Whitehead.

Best selling titles include:

The Next Learning System, Natural Learning and the Natural Curriculum, With Consent, Finding Voices Making Choices, Compulsory Schooling Disease, John Holt, Henry Morris, Alice Miller, Edmond Holmes, Bertrand Russell, A.S.Neill, Robert Owen, Charlotte Mason, Damage Limitation, Participation, Power-sharing and School Improvement, Rules Routines and Regimentation, Doing It Their Way, Children for Social Change, When Learning Becomes Your Enemy, Theory and Practice of Regressive Education, and Those Unschooled Minds,

IALA The International Association for Learning Alternatives says of us...

Personalised Education Now advocates student managed learning, a shift from dependency to independence, use of an educational landscape of opportunities, and other advanced concepts. Their 2 newsletters and 2 journals provide lively paradigm shifting items to advocate for learner-centered, learner-directed and democratic programs. A related organization Educational Heretics Press offers well-received but radical books including Natural Learning and the Natural Curriculum, Comparing Learning Systems and items on home schooling. Probably no one does a better job of documenting the harsh reality of traditional practices on the human spirit and learning.

They provide descriptions of new approaches to learning, vision statements, principles, alternatives to schools, critiques on testing, book reviews, upcoming conferences and more. Janet and Roland Meighan of Bramcote Hills, Nottingham, England and the board of trustees provide an excellent international resource and are highly recommended sources for serious critics of traditional practices.

"I am a fan of the Education Heretics Press because it asks necessary questions about the fundamental processes of schooling."

Gerald Haigh of the Times Educational Supplement

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